23 January, 2023

Can You Make Your Conservatory More Energy Efficient?

Many homeowners come to us enquiring about their ageing conservatories that are typically freezing cold in winter and boiling hot during the summer, asking what they can do about it. Energy efficiency, or the lack of it with older conservatories, is often due to outdated materials that make it nearly impossible to keep comfortable temperatures.

Even the most economical conservatory heaters or cooling air conditioners are quick fixes but will never solve the issue. Instead of delaying the dilemma, you need to address your conservatory’s energy efficiency concerns head-on, which will be sure to improve you and your family’s lifestyle, as well as reduce your home energy bills and even increase your property value too!

How can I make my conservatory useable all year round?

If you want to focus on a long-term solution to reduce your conservatory’s carbon footprint, then let’s stop excess household energy usage from your conservatory. We have some failproof ways to make your conservatory more energy efficient, especially as many of us are focusing on rising energy costs this year.

Replacement conservatory roof ideas

Older conservatories lose the ability to retain heat effectively, and many homeowners think it is the end of the entire conservatory structure. However, most conservatories can be retrofitted with a replacement conservatory roof. There are many choices, from a clear glass roof to the ever-popular solid tiled conservatory roof replacements.

Which is the best replacement conservatory roof?

Each type of replacement conservatory roof will suit most homes, but there are specific considerations and roof types which are more suitable than others.

Tiled conservatory roof replacements

Tiled conservatory roof replacements are great for homeowners who want to increase their property value and if you want a conservatory that mimics the permanent look of a home extension.

Homeowners who want the best of both can have glazed panels together with tiles, resolving another common mistaken belief that a tiled conservatory roof will reduce the light in the room.

Benefits of a tiled conservatory roof

  • Add value to your property
  • Comfortable and cosy space all year round
  • Significant improvements to thermal efficiency
  • It can be formed into any shape or roof style
  • Outside image of a Tiled conservatory roof
Glass conservatory roof replacements

If you have a restricted budget or your home is limited to ‘like-for-like’ improvements such as listed buildings, conservation areas, or Article 4 areas. A replacement glass conservatory roof with modern glazing could be the perfect solution.

Benefits of a glass conservatory roof

  • Thermally efficient for comfortable temperatures all year round
  • Intelligent Self-cleaning glazed units for balanced light levels and low maintenance
  • More affordable than building an entirely new conservatory or orangery
  • Acoustic insulation from the elements for added peace and relaxation
  • Increased natural light for a brighter interior
Solid conservatory roof replacements

Whatever you want from your conservatory space, our brand-new LivinRoof extension can deliver. It has been engineered to accommodate any shape or style of roof. You can choose how many glazing panels to incorporate and where to position them. This results in a bespoke influx of natural light.

The innovative LivinRoof extension roof features a vaulted ceiling with a pelmet around the perimeter that can include lights and speakers. For a cosier feel, you can opt for a suspended ceiling that maintains the adjoining rooms’ height.

Benefits of a solid conservatory roof

  • Insulated external composite panels and slab insulation for a robust and energy-efficient finish
  • An urban grey exterior colour, which is complimentary for any housing style
  • It can be formed into any shape or roof style
  • Can incorporate the Classic Cornice, a stylish design that hides guttering
Replacement conservatory windows and doors

You can also upgrade your conservatory’s windows and doors and keep the existing walls and foundations. Old single glazing loses heat two times faster than standard double glazing, so upgrading to modern double glazing can increase the value of your home by up to 10% due to reduce energy bills for the long term.

Replacing your conservatory’s windows and doors with new double-glazed windows and doors, it will make your conservatory far more effective than an old single-glazed conservatory.

Upgrade your conservatory to an orangery

If your conservatory is far beyond repair and you dream of something special for your home, then consider upgrading to an opulent orangery.

The combination of insulating solid brick pillars, insulated internal pelmet and high-performance glazed roof delivers thermal efficiency five times higher than brick. Benefiting from energy ratings that surpass current building regulation standards, our orangery installations can achieve U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2K. An orangery means you can sit back and relax in the safe knowledge that you can achieve perfect home temperatures all year round.

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