13 February, 2024

7 Ways to Use Your New Kitchen Conservatory

Kitchen conservatories are a great addition to any property looking for additional space and added functionality. However, they can be a challenging space to stylise functionally. This article will discuss the various ways that a kitchen conservatory can be used so that you can make the most of your new space.

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Kitchen conservatory with dining table

Combined Kitchen/Dining Area

The obvious but most practical option for your new kitchen conservatory space is a combined kitchen dining area. Utilising the space as a dining area not only frees up space in your home where your current dining table is but also gives a dedicated, light-filled area that is perfect for evening meals.

Combining your kitchen and dining space also allows you to serve food with ease and adds a social element to your kitchen space as it opens up the area for guests or family members to sit and catch up whilst food is prepared.

You could also extend your kitchen area with a barista-style coffee machine area, a perfect way to impress visitors and practical as it creates more space on the kitchen worktop for other relevant appliances or food preparation.

Social Space for Hosting

Extending your kitchen into a kitchen conservatory creates the perfect area for entertaining and hosting guests. It gives more space for a larger dining table for sit-down meals or can be used as a standing space for parties. The area can also be used as a games area, with a table football or pool table, perfect for social occasions.

This additional space is also great for families with small children who may have birthday parties, as it gives enough space for multiple children to play games, paint or draw, all under the watchful eye of a parent who has the entirety of the kitchen space kept child free.

Indoor Garden

For homeowners who enjoy bringing the outdoors inside, or are keen gardeners and growers of herbs/plants, an indoor herb or plant garden is the perfect use for this space. The abundance of light combined with the warmth created by sunlight entering through the glass panels or roof makes an ideal greenhouse style space for all of your herbs and plants to thrive in.

With easy access to the kitchen, an herb garden would be an ideal use of the space, especially for the experimental chef who enjoys home-cooked meals.

A considerable benefit of plants within the home is also that they increase productivity, boost your mood, reduce stress and improve the air quality within your home.

Utility Area

For many homeowners, additional space can be hard to fill in a helpful manner. By making your new kitchen conservatory a utility space, you can extend your kitchen worktops further for more space, and have a designated space for your utility appliances, such as a washing machine or tumble dryer. This also allows for you to have a designated space for all of your families clothes when washing/drying/ironing, and, depending on the size of the space available, also allows room for your families shoes and bags, so they are all in a space that is tucked away.

Reading Space

Creating a cosy space, with a window seat or armchair, would make the perfect reading nest for homeowners looking for a relaxing area. This area would also be beneficial due to the warmth provided by kitchen conservatories naturally through glass panes and sunlight and would give a perfect viewing space into your garden.

Play Area for Children

If you are looking for more space for your growing family, this extended area will serve as a perfect children’s playroom. Placing down a fluffy rug on a tiled or hardwood floor, and adding some storage boxes or shelves for your children’s toys and books would allow for you to have a designated space for your children to explore and play.

This would also be good for busy households, as you can keep an eye on your little ones whilst cooking or cleaning, and the area could be blocked off with a stair gate so you know your children are safe at all times.

Work From Home/Hobby Space

Creating an office/work from home space, or even a space for hobbies such as crafting or painting/drawing, would be an excellent option for homeowners with limited room space currently. A designated area within your new kitchen conservatory for working from home allows for you to have a bright and spacious office space, which can then be used for your hobbies in the evening or on weekends.

Conservatory Kitchen Extension Cost

Every kitchen conservatory extension is different, depending on the size and materials used, and therefore, there is no ‘one size fits all’ cost for kitchen conservatory extensions. Our team of experts is on hand to discuss your kitchen conservatory projects and give you an accurate quote.

Has this article inspired you to invest in a kitchen conservatory? Find out more about the kitchen conservatory extensions we offer here at Oakley Green Conservatories, and get a quote for your home upgrades today.

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